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Let’s ensure that your machine vision applications all will be successful and reliable now and in the future

The successful application of machine vision technology involves an intricately and carefully balanced mix of a variety of elements. While the hardware components that perform the tasks of image formation, acquisition, component control, and interfacing are decidedly critical to the solution, machine vision software is the engine “under the hood” that supports and drives the imaging, processing, and ultimately the results.

Calibration Modules To Solve Image Problems

OVK Framework / OES provides complete calibrations modules to help users solve the following four problems: dimensional correction, image distortion correction, multiple coordinate system integration, multiple image stitching.

Coronavirus: How can AI help fight the pandemic?

British start-up Exscienta became the first company to put a AI-designed drug molecule to human trials earlier this year.
It took just 12 months for algorithms to create it, compared with four to five years for traditional research.