Machine Vision Design Service

Utilizing cutting-edge image processing and analytics technologies, Innomiles provides a total solution for machine-vision design service.  First of all, we provide software design service, which is defined in three layers: machine vision libraries, function modules and GUI.

Machine vision to recognize the dice

Innomiles had co-work together to demonstrate the machine vision application in the ATX exhibition in New York. It implements with Innomiles software and hardware also were programming by Keox to system integrate.

Innomiles joined with Keox Technologies for ATX exhibition in USA

Innomiles software OVK frame help camera to recognize the dice value.  Our local partner Keox Technologies designed the robot system to let visitor engage more in our booth.

ATX EAST exhibition in New York

ATX East is an international automation technology expo and one of the premier events in the US featuring the latest technological advances in custom automation and assembly, robotics, control software, motors, drives, motion control, and more. 

Innomiles International Expands its Business to Africa

It is with great pleasure that we are announcing Innomiles will soon to establish a South African entity in early 2019 due to the operational needs of the business.