Improvement by several morphology way for machine vision SKD

The OVK Blob module provide a new version about extended functions in the libraries. It applies the common morphology operators of erode, dilate and open and close to an input image and generate an output image for the target one. It could further adjust ROI image for the better coverage to fill full the inspection condition. Here are the follow procedure:

New Products Category Make Machine Vision Easier

People often rise the question about what is Innomiles software difference with other companies. There is the article we would like to share with people.
First, we will try to compare with MVTech Halcon and Cognex because it will be the major players in the market.

Blob shape matching feature new machine vision version

The block analysis is the most common tool in the machine vision. Innomiles release the new version to enhance the function about aiming and filter the different shape by more speed.

Machine Vision Design Service

Utilizing cutting-edge image processing and analytics technologies, Innomiles provides a total solution for machine-vision design service.  First of all, we provide software design service, which is defined in three layers: machine vision libraries, function modules and GUI.

Machine vision to recognize the dice

Innomiles had co-work together to demonstrate the machine vision application in the ATX exhibition in New York. It implements with Innomiles software and hardware also were programming by Keox to system integrate.