Vision Align Adapter

Vision Align Adapter

Vision align is the calibration software will allow first-time adopters alike to set up and deploy solutions with minimal effort of machine vision. The vision align provides an advanced tool for robotics or high-speed production line require the machine vision to catch image basing on omni direction even by speed. It could target on multiple objects with the various setting for the pattern match.

Various pattern match at same time

Support 16 types pattern match even different objects by simple setting. It employ additional techniques to assure the highest precision.

Dragged and dropped

It is ideal for first time user without any coding requirement. Simply dragged to the appropriate GUI windows without extra software development effort. It will allow your software adapt gauge function by simply click.

Omni-Direction search

More advanced methods can be used that consider with 3, 4, 9 or 16 consecutive points and which employ additional techniques to assure the highest precision.

Choose the Innomiles Alignment license for minimizing adaption, training and maintenance costs without coding needed.

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